Hey Friends! I'm so happy you're here!

My name is Sara Vojtasek, and I am the founder of Joel's Vision Ministries.

My goal is to encourage, equip, and excite (the 3 E's!!!) Children's Ministers of all ages. Whether you are just getting started, have been around for years, or maybe even just thinking about being a part because you see the need....I would love to help you!

Your Children's Ministry is so important, as you are shaping the next generation of Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, Missionaries, Church Janitors, Helpful Saints...well, the list could go on and on!


Take a look around, and check back often, as I build and add to this course list of helps for you and your ministry. :-)

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I look forward to getting to know you!

Puppetry Performance

Everyone loves puppets! But it's important that your puppets are...well...excellent! If eyes are staring at the ceiling, mouths don't move with the words, puppets just stand with no movement...it can get kinda boring!

I love training a team to have an amazing performance in all aspects; whether it's puppetry basics, choreography, blacklight, bunraku, or props construction and use.

If you go the extra mile with your puppetry performances, you will surely bring in the "WOW!" factor! :D

Staff Training

A well-trained staff will bring your ministry to a whole new level! They can have fun and STILL be effective! Using youth for staff works amazingly to keep the attention of your children! After all, they are looking up to those just a little bit older than themselves.

I enjoy helping you with volunteer ideas, costuming, drama suggestions, characters, who and what would help you the most in your ministry, and more.

Volunteers can make or break your ministry!

Storytelling & Object Lessons

Children these days are in front of all kinds of entertainment. It's important that we do our best to find things that they enjoy and can hold their attention. We don't want to use the same format, the same examples, and the same processes weekly. If we do, we will quickly lose their interest.

I love training on Storytelling, Object Lessons, Science Experiments, and more. The more excitement, the more the children want to come back...AND the more you enjoy what you are doing!

Hi, I’m Sara Vojtasek

with Joel's Vision Ministries

I have been in Children's Ministry for almost 30 years now....I can't believe how blessed I have been to learn from the best mentors and to be called to train our next generation of saints and little ministers. Children's Ministry is a true calling!

I created the name "Joel's Vision Ministries" based on Joel 2:28-29. I believe that children of any age can be sensitive to Jesus' presence, if we are willing to be the ones to lead them there!

As I am continually learning and growing myself, it is my desire to encourage, equip, and excite other Children's Ministers with new ideas and processes to reach for excellence.

I don't believe we should simply do just enough to "get by" because we are "only" working with children. We must STRIVE to excel in everything that we do!

Passion for our ministry, excitement and creativity in our lessons, the willingness to put in our best effort, and the determination to see things through even when times get tough....

These are things necessary for a great ministry!

Following are just some of the things that I love to teach:

"Igniting Your Passion in Children's Ministry"

Storytelling techniques


Blacklight Puppetry

Using Puppets in the Classroom

VBS & Event Planning

....and more!


"Your messages (trainings) really help with encouragement. I'm not giving up!"

- Renea Streza Lee


"I took the heart puppet building class, and not only did Sara teach it in such a way that is was easy to learn...we had a

blast doing it.

Thanks, Sara, for giving us tools to not only make that heart, but to apply it to other things as well."

- Colleen Fouts